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A Christmas Greeting

A Christmas Greeting May this Christmas bring forth, A shining light and mementos Of Love and joy, and May it bestow Upon thy countenance, the happiness you always sought. May you grow rich and richer still, In your ways so elegant and the gentleness so akin To you. May your dreams and desires past Long forgotten and outcast In the time’s fast pace, find a way To your benevolent heart and May you with those lovely hands of yours, Mould them into the reality. Thus, May this Christmas, your life lighten up With all the wonderful thoughts and pleasant memories, The world could ever hookup And May you cherish them all.    Merry Christmas    From,     A Friend.

Luminaries - A Review

Luminaries by Eleanor Catton This been my first Blog post Ever, I would like to present you a review written by me of the wonderful book The Luminaries. Its The Best Book In The world . It truly is. I just love it. A withered old man is dead, a whore is found unconscious on the street, a young man has disappeared, all on a single day of 14th of January 1866; & in between these miss-happenings ventures the enigmatic tale of fortunes gained and lost. To investigate these profoundly luring scenarios; 12 men, with such a myriad collection of origins and cultures (there’s also a vista of different languages of these people, but English been their lingua-franca, is used in almost all of the conversations) that the reader is sure to be curious; assemble in the crown hotel, who are, to their dismay, interjected by a stranger who has arrived in the town that very morning. They are prompted to share their stories, which are, as it turns out, so mu