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Gandhi's book

The Story of My Experiments with Truth, An Autobiography by Mahatma Gandhi My rating: 4 of 5 stars Finished it a few moments ago. The reading was quite an adventure and moreover an enlightening experience. Almost all the book is filled with the chapters talking about the Truth. The Ahinsa, as Gandhiji so vividly explains, is so intermingled with Truth that both can be seen to be overspread in the vast canvas of the Gandhiji's Life although as he himself has many a times said that his life is but the a coagulation of his multitudous experiments in Truth. He is seen to so irrevocably administer the golden mantra of Ahinsa in his being. His was a life seldom witnessed in our rather self-occupied world. With his wisdom, his thoughts, his actions and moreover his teachings with his own example led the vast landscape of India and its people to their freedom. Such a legend's (autobiographical) book laying down in detail his various e