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The two moons of my life

A photo of the Moon I recently shot through my telescope The Snow white ball of shine Comes to focus pretty fine All of a sudden the eyepiece speaks And a distant world quietly greets Love, for love it be Glides through the mares merrily Up the shadowy crater circles Down to the valley centers Near the pole an impact visible

On writing Internship application mails

So, you are a college student in your sophomore year. Having a keen desire to work in the academia you decide to intern under some professor . You meticulously search for someone working in your interest domain and have found them at long last. But how to go about the application? How to contact the professor, so that all your skills and diligent nature shine through? How to write the application email seeking a position so as to convince the reader of your efficient qualities? How to write such that the response is agreeable? Writing an effective internship or project application request via an email is an art which gets perfected over time as one gets more and more feedback. Getting to know your interests better, researching about the institutions and people working in your domain and keeping a look-out for any opportunity that may find its way to you, are some of the first things to be aware of. To get a favourable reply to your application, the point that you are making should be c