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More reliance on technology means lesser human thinking ability!?

To a great extent I disagree with the statement that more reliance on technology will surely deteriorate human thinking ability. I find this idea to be faulty and based on some short term focus on human behavior. In my opinion the time period talked of is increased and a broader outlook is taken, technology will more probably become an integral part of our lives. In contrast to declining the human intellect, technological aides like hearing machines and seeing glasses will complement our abilities to interact with nature and greatly enhance our experiences.  Image © The New York Times Company Further, the statement appears dubious when one considers even our own present day experiences. For instance, the other day I saw a live telecast of the graduation ceremony of IIT Bombay on the internet. Owning to the COVID-19 condition, this year's batch had to rely upon tele-conferencing technologies to at

Why I write?

Initially I wanted to title this post,  On writing Diaries , however this thought-provoking question is far better. Although it may take me a long time to be an author per se, more or less, I have been a continuous writer since my seventh grade. What started with jotting down non-sense farce on daily routines during the middle school years, has now grown into some fierce rhetoric on vast ranging topics important to me in general. So, what is it about writing that I like so much? Unlike most of my friends, what has made me go on for so long now? Why do I write? And why do I plan to write more vigorously, more persuasively and more indiscriminately than ever in the coming future? Well, there isn't any plain simple answer to these. I write because I like to write. I write because it gives reality to all of these thoughts inside my head which couldn't find an route through the tongue. I write because it often makes me feel good. I write because I find this the best way to convey my

On Women

So, on Women eh? Well, I would be frank with you reader, I like women in general. I like them a lot. They are incredibly courageous, brave, strong, intelligent, caring and wise, how can I not like them! This is speaking in general of course, there are certainly some people whom we would all better do without, but on the whole I find, all the women I have met, beautiful and awesome, both on their physical form and on the metaphysical one. How many a role a woman plays over the course of her life. For some they are a Sister, to some other they are a Mother, and yet to others they are a partner and a friend. And how efficiently they play out all the roles. Like some heavenly presence. All the while going through all that discrimination, mistreatment, disrespect, violence and what not that a woman has to go through almost everywhere. At most places in the world, even if it only a short walk to the nei

On writing Internship application mails

So, you are a college student in your sophomore year. Having a keen desire to work in the academia you decide to intern under some professor . You meticulously search for someone working in your interest domain and have found them at long last. But how to go about the application? How to contact the professor, so that all your skills and diligent nature shine through? How to write the application email seeking a position so as to convince the reader of your efficient qualities? How to write such that the response is agreeable? Writing an effective internship or project application request via an email is an art which gets perfected over time as one gets more and more feedback. Getting to know your interests better, researching about the institutions and people working in your domain and keeping a look-out for any opportunity that may find its way to you, are some of the first things to be aware of. To get a favourable reply to your application, the point that you are making should be c

A Random Musing

There you are I can’t say how well, Hope you be doing fine And taking gracefully the good embrace Of mother nature, in the form of altering seasons Which come and go with such amusing suspense. Your Life will be taking a new turn With the year’s fall, seeing the rising Of an untouched beacon for you to earn Hope, Ambition, Luck and what not? Your cares are sure to increase In the midst of all those worldly things But my hearty wish for you is that May you and yours live happily & prosper Forever, ever and forever.

The Republic Day Speech

जननी जन्म भूमिश्च स्वर्गादपि गरीयसी Our motherland is more precious than the Heaven. How true these beautiful words are. Giving the most sacred place of all to the motherland, the place of our birth, keeping it even above than the deities. These words carry with them the emotions and sentiments of countless Indian soldiers currently standing guard against the enemy frontiers, protecting this Incredible nation of ours. The lines simultaneously echo the pride and honour of 1.324 Billion people across the world who identify their nationality as Indian. And today, we are all gathered here to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the 69 th Republic Day of this Motherland. India as a Nation and moreover as a Republic, the nation of the People, has come a long way since the days of post-independence immaturity after the partition. In the ensuing 68 years that we have had a privilege of having a written constitution, the longest one in the world, for that matter, we have made subs