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A Random Musing

There you are I can’t say how well, Hope you be doing fine And taking gracefully the good embrace Of mother nature, in the form of altering seasons Which come and go with such amusing suspense. Your Life will be taking a new turn With the year’s fall, seeing the rising Of an untouched beacon for you to earn Hope, Ambition, Luck and what not? Your cares are sure to increase In the midst of all those worldly things But my hearty wish for you is that May you and yours live happily & prosper Forever, ever and forever.

A New Year Wish

Let this New Year be your guiding light In your endeavours to reach those heights For whom you must have struggled the year last But were unable to get hold of. Make a pledge this year too, To give your best in whatever you do. Set new goals and reach for them With all the might you may ever have. Forget your worries & nightmares Which have intimidated you in the past gone, Transform them into your strengths To do things you perhaps might have wanted once. With these among other wonderful thoughts And an overwhelmingly joyous heart, Let me wish you and your family that This meritorious New Year may never pass. Happy New Year, From, A Friend.