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On Women

So, on Women eh? Well, I would be frank with you reader, I like women in general. I like them a lot. They are incredibly courageous, brave, strong, intelligent, caring and wise, how can I not like them! This is speaking in general of course, there are certainly some people whom we would all better do without, but on the whole I find, all the women I have met, beautiful and awesome, both on their physical form and on the metaphysical one. How many a role a woman plays over the course of her life. For some they are a Sister, to some other they are a Mother, and yet to others they are a partner and a friend. And how efficiently they play out all the roles. Like some heavenly presence. All the while going through all that discrimination, mistreatment, disrespect, violence and what not that a woman has to go through almost everywhere. At most places in the world, even if it only a short walk to the nei